About Me

Hello, my name is Colin Au Yeung. I am an undergraduate student in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. I've spent much of my undergrad working with the Interaction Labs at the UofC as an undergraduate researcher, in particular with Dr. Lora Oelhberg. There I've done work focusing on understanding and designing technologies for supporting creative communities. Whether those communities center around livestreaming or cosplay, my goal is to better understand what those communities do and how we can better build technology to support them. I enjoy understanding how people interact with the world and building new and novel ways to support the paths they take. Currently, I hope to continue pursuing that knowledge in an academic environment.

Outside of Computer Science, I'm also pursuing a minor in Political Science. In that field, the focus of my studies has been East Asian politics. I enjoy learning how those traditions are different from Western traditions and what we can learn from them. When I'm not doing classes, I enjoy video games and finding new ways of making weird stuff, whether that's with arduinos or 3D printing.