Physical Presence for Discord Text Chat
How is Discord Hygga?
For me and my discord friends, late night voice calls are kind of a tradition. To me, they highlight a moment of hygga because despite being miles apart, these are the moments when we are the closest, the most open and the most honest But obviously there are those who can’t talk late at night for one reason or another. I wanted something comfy, cozy and not only reminded those other people were there, but also gave them presense
What is Discozy?
Discozy is a wearable clock that gives physical presence to your friends text chatting in two ways. First, it has lights around the rim of it's hood light up to the show activity of members in the text chat. Second it provides rhythmic tapping on your back as people send messages. Combined with it's cozy fleece design, makes it a perfect companion for light night voice calls, providing both tangible presence for friends using text chat while you're focused on a voice call and acting as a warm blanket.
How it works
Discozy presents itself on discord as a bot. There members can add themselves to certain colors which correspond to the led colors on the cloak's hood. Once added, as they send messages, the bot sends updates to a Google Firebase Database. Leveraging the ESP32's wifi capacity to keep the cloak from having external wires, Discozy pulls these messages and uses them to fire servos to tap on the wear's back and control the W2812 leds around the rim. A small potentiometer is placed on the front of the cloak and is used to control the rate of polling from the database and turn off polling altogether.

Discozy is powered using a small usb powerbank and a 8 AA battery power supply
Video Demo
From sketch to product
Sources used:
for the cloak pattern

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