Hello Squid
The Squid based expression hat
Are you a squid?
Are you a kid?
Are you socially awkward which may or may not affect your abilities to communicate your social boundaries?
Then Welcome to Hello Squid
Hello Squid is inspired by how deep sea animals use bioluminescence to communicate, lure and repeal in near black conditions. Using a combination of sensors and leds, Hello Squid takes the tangible interactions you have with your body and surroundings to visualize how you feel about your current situation even when you may not be able to voice your concerns

Is someone too close? Hello Squids turns an angry red. Are you happy so you clap your hands? Hello Squid turns a happy green. Feel real neutral? Hello Squid stays blue.
How does it work?
Hello squid uses a UltraSonic Sensor to detect distance, a reed sensor acting as a redumentary near field sensor to detect hands being together and then fiber optic wires attached to leds to create the bioluminescence effect.

These together create the basic sensor kit for Hello Squid. However Hello Squid remains open to adding more sensors and thus ways to interact with it. For example replacing the reed sensor with proper near field communications reader allow for other Hello Squid to have nfc tags and allowing Hello Squid to light up based on your relation to that person.

Shown: early wiring test
Video Demo
From sketch to product
Sources used:
for main hat pattern
for working with RGB Leds
for working with the ultrasonic sensor
for working with the reed sensor